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Admittingly, I am on multiple mom blogs. I love to know what's going on, finding new hacks, and occasionally I am here for the drama. (Nothing better at 2am then mindlessly scrolling mom drama) Every single year around Christmas it begins. How do I ask my family for no toys? What has been the BEST experience gift you have received? I want to bolster up the Christmas lists for my 3 little ones, HELP. How do you ask for minimal gifts? You know what I am talking about. I will a

Everyone gets it...

Why I Didn't Want Gifts for My Son's First Birthday | ParentMap "There’s no easy way to get around my guest bedroom. I have to walk over a box with a baby walker, a huge child’s train set, multiple musical toys and baby balls –– all unopened. On the way, I may bump into a pile of children’s books, still unread. " I get it. I see you. I understand. I have 3 LIFE SIZE stuffed animals, 3 of them. I created Kidsperience because I saw you and you were me. #mom #momboss #kids #gif


The beautiful thing about Kidsperience is that it is completely customizable to your child's every interest. The Marketplace is there for suggestions and to see what other users are putting on their "Experience" Wish lists! To CREATE your very own is EASY First, you have to decide what it is you want to ask for Museum Memberships, Ballet Classes, Ice Skating Lessons, 2 nights at an Indoor Waterpark, Breakfast with Mickey Mouse at Disney, Tickets to Frozen on Broadway, you dec

How to ASK for an Experience Gift; Etiquette in 2021 is a whole new social order

Kidsperience is new, it's a new way to think about gift giving, and asking for something new can be complicated. My mom in fact, has instilled, and ingrained manners and etiquette in both my brother and me since we were tiny children. ( always "nagging" but with good intention, thank goodness for table manners, am I right) She is definitely working on the grandkids these days. Most of these "rules" of etiquette I completely agree with and still fit into this century, however

Experience GIFTS are ALL the rage.

Looking for some AMAZING suggestions for GREAT experience gifts? #Kidlist has you covered! Highly recommend ( for those of you in the Chicagoland area) to sign up and follow today. #kids #experience #experiencegifts #gifts

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