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Admittingly, I am on multiple mom blogs. I love to know what's going on, finding new hacks, and occasionally I am here for the drama. (Nothing better at 2am then mindlessly scrolling mom drama) Every single year around Christmas it begins. How do I ask my family for no toys? What has been the BEST experience gift you have received? I want to bolster up the Christmas lists for my 3 little ones, HELP. How do you ask for minimal gifts? You know what I am talking about. I will a

HOT TOPIC: Technology and Parenthood

Parenting can be hard... Technology is here to help! We are really excited to be included in this great article; The Best Parenting Apps You Should Know About ( Kidsperience was created to solve one big problem, too many toys. I cannot count how many trucks, cars, games, and "Stations" we have in our basement right now, as we speak. If we are honest with one another, since there is so much, I find that our children get bored with things so quickly and move on

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