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Every Day on the MOM Blogs...

Admittingly, I am on multiple mom blogs. I love to know what's going on, finding new hacks, and occasionally I am here for the drama. (Nothing better at 2am then mindlessly scrolling mom drama)

Every single year around Christmas it begins. How do I ask my family for no toys? What has been the BEST experience gift you have received? I want to bolster up the Christmas lists for my 3 little ones, HELP. How do you ask for minimal gifts? You know what I am talking about.

I will admit, I always click on the comments. Have I missed something, is there something I should know about happening in Chicago? What do most people think is a fun Experience?

Today alone I have been amazing suggestions. Museaum of Ice Cream, Slime Museum, Boundless Adventures Zip Line, Disney (I sincerely doubt anyone in our family circle is going to give Charlie an entire trip to Disney, but hey one can dream) Home Alone Tour, Blue Man Group, Escape Rooms, Legoland, Build-a- Bear, Santa's Village, Ceramic Painting, Zoo Passes, Go Ape, and Museum of Illusions.

These are ALL amazing suggestions. But here's where it kind of falls apart for me. How on earth do I ask everyone in our family for these things, knowing very well budgets need to be attended to? Recently I bought tickets, just for 2 of us to go to the Slime Museum was $138....

Kidsperience, that is how. I created Kidsperience with this IN MIND. Experience gifts are amazing, everyone wants experience gifts BUT realistically we are talking $100++ and quite frankly that is out of a lot of people's budgets.

Kidsperience allows you to add experiences to your home page. You can add the Slime Museum, at $150 (or add a little extra in @ $165 because by the time you leave the gift shop you are going to be LUCKY if you still don't need to throw down some $$$)

Invite your friends and family to your page and they can contribute whatever they seem fit. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa gift $100, Uncle C gives $50, Uncle B $25. The collaboration and effort of all your friends and family will surprise and delight your child. BONUS- open a virtual gift on your Ipad, Iphone, or Android device!!!! Don't even need to wrap that experience up and the card includes everyone who contributed.

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