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How to ASK for an Experience Gift; Etiquette in 2021 is a whole new social order

Kidsperience is new, it's a new way to think about gift giving, and asking for something new can be complicated. My mom in fact, has instilled, and ingrained manners and etiquette in both my brother and me since we were tiny children. ( always "nagging" but with good intention, thank goodness for table manners, am I right) She is definitely working on the grandkids these days. Most of these "rules" of etiquette I completely agree with and still fit into this century, however some are a bit "old fashioned" for me, maybe even a bit "out of date". To please everyone we have come up with some great suggestions on how to "Ask" for an experience instead of gifts, toys or games that will hopefully work for even the most "Strictly Old Fashioned" out there.

Invitations: Not everyone's cup of tea this day, especially with Evite out there, but some of these can apply to your E Invitations as well! With everything digital, why not make the gift giving experience virtual too!?!

- In lieu of Toys, Games or Gifts we are trying something new! Download the Free Kidsperience APP on IOS or Android, Check it out and we will invite you to ( Child's Name's) page

-We are saving for a great experience gift. If you would like to contribute, download the Kidsperience APP or Android or IOS and we will share ( Child's Name) page!

- No Toys or Gifts Please.

This opens up some conversation while guests are RSVP'ing. Often times this move still yields many gifts regardless, because HOW do you show up empty handed to a Birthday?

( I mentally and physically am not there... perhaps because I have been taught to never show up empty-handed to ANYTHING but I can not follow these No Gift directions) In fact I recently was at an outdoor park party, the invite specifically said No Gifts Please, and there I was helping carry boxes and bags of gifts to their cars. I'm pretty sure not one person there didn't bring a gift, your truly included.

- Please feel free to ask when RSVP'ing for gift ideas! We have a really good one!

- (Child's Name) has registered on Kidsperience the APP!

Text: Yes, I said it; TEXT. Let's be real running 2 businesses, basketball games, karate, life is busy enough as it is and hey it's 2021. Now I will say, I am NOT about to text Charlie's

schoolmates to invite them to a party but my close friends and family, ABSOLUTELY.

- This one is easy, I go into Kidsperience head over to the "wheel" on the navigation bar. Hit Share APP- This automatically allows you to text the links to download the APP. I am adding a sweet message, date and time , let everyone know my child is registered on Kidsperience and I am done! Bam! Friends and Family will instantly reply and I won't be on the endless manhunt for RSVP's.

Christmas: Now this one is EASY... My family is ALWAYS asking us what the boys need or want. The boys don't even know. Now we can add a fun adventure or class in Kidsperience, and have some fun in January and February. ( those months when all the new toys are suddenly old boring toys and in the corner of the room.) Then I direct all Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Friends an Family to my child's page and leave the toys and games to Santa!

Hope these were helpful!!! Thank You and Thank you cards.

Now this is a totally different topic, and we have a really good idea for this! See you on the next BLOG!

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