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The beautiful thing about Kidsperience is that it is completely customizable to your child's every interest. The Marketplace is there for suggestions and to see what other users are putting on their "Experience" Wish lists!

To CREATE your very own is EASY

First, you have to decide what it is you want to ask for Museum Memberships, Ballet Classes, Ice Skating Lessons, 2 nights at an Indoor Waterpark, Breakfast with Mickey Mouse at Disney, Tickets to Frozen on Broadway, you decide!!! We recommend only putting one experience on your page at a time, to ensure experiences get fulfilled. In order to open your "Virtual Gift" your experience MUST be filled. (You will however be able to withdraw a non-completed experience- but we don't want your little one missing out on the fun of opening a gift!)

Step ONE: Open the APP and use the navigation bar on the bottom screen. Click on the "Present", This is the "My Experience" page. This page allows you to create your own experiences, and stores them for you to easily access.

Step TWO: Click on the + sign on the top right corner of your screen

Step THREE: Add a photo of your "experience", we like to take screenshots for this and fill out ALL the information on what your experience gift is!

* (Experience Cost) To cover PayPal and Stripe's convenience fees, we recommend adding a little extra to the actual cost of the experience. (Don't forget Ticketmaster, Event fees, and Parking too!) The "Experience Cost", additionally leaves you room to add a souvenir, lunch, dinner, etc... In the "Experience Description" you can say something like:

4 tickets to Frozen the Musical Orchestra Seats, Lunch, and a Frozen Plush Souvenir. This way your friends and family know exactly what the money is going towards!

After you have completed creating your CUSTOMIZED Experience, you are all set to add it to your PARTY, and Invite guests to your page!

It's time to go out and KIDSPERIENCE the WORLD!!!

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