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HOT TOPIC: Technology and Parenthood

Parenting can be hard... Technology is here to help! We are really excited to be included in this great article; The Best Parenting Apps You Should Know About ( Kidsperience was created to solve one big problem, too many toys. I cannot count how many trucks, cars, games, and "Stations" we have in our basement right now, as we speak. If we are honest with one another, since there is so much, I find that our children get bored with things so quickly and move on, creating a vicious cycle of a constant need for newness. Kidsperience allows users to CREATE "experience" gifts based on their location, interests, and creativity. Museum Memberships, Overnight stays at Hotels, Waterparks, Karate Lessons, Theatre Tickets, Monster Jam, Movie Dates with ALL the Extras, Ice Castles, Art Classes, Ballet Classes, A Day in a NEW City, there truly are SO many things you can think up! Kidsperience makes it easy, friends and family can contribute ANY amount to your "experience" once the goal has been met, money goes into your parents account and you are ready to Kidsperience the world. Now, your family can make more memories, and have fun doing it thanks to amazing Kidsperience gifts. There is even a VIRTUAL gift you can open in front of friends and family! #Experiencegift #experience #gift #present #birthday #parents #parenting #parenthood #kids #kidideas #new #social #lesstoys #morefun #momlife #mom #technology

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