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Thank You for being my FRIEND

Thank You Cards.

The Birthday Party Thank You Card Controversy.

I remember painstakingly writing Thank You cards after every single Birthday Party, Graduation, you name it I was writing a Thank You card at the kitchen table until it felt like my hand was about to fall off. Now here I am 2 kids later, and I am still "Little Miss Thank You Card". BUT you know what?... I have now been to a few Birthday Parties and I haven't seen a Thank You card to date. So I wonder...

Is the ART of Children's Birthday thank you cards gone? Did it ever exist? Not to mention there are SO many divided opinions on this matter.

Social Etiquette dictates that you must write Thank You Cards for Weddings, Showers, Etc... but Birthday Parties are a gray area?

Now here we are in 2021. I have to tell you, I don't even know the addresses to my son's friends houses. I have in fact, NEVER been inside his Preschool. I took a gamble and I handed invitations to his teacher, and hoped some people would come. Life in the years of Covid-19, am I right. So I did manage to get a few RSVP's via text and email. I also made sure to Thank everyone via Text and Email... I must admit, it felt wrong not sending personalized thank you cards. But it also felt weird making school hand out more envelopes. ( That place already has it's hands full on a daily basis with 20- 4 year old's running around.)

Now back to the BIG question, where do we stand on Kid's Birthday Party thank you's? Where do you stand, especially on kid's birthday's? I have found this to be a very heated debate.

So what are some other options out there instead of handwritten notes?

I believe it is so very IMPORTANT to teach my kids gratitude. So here are some alternative "Modern" day approaches to this great debate!

Evite offers a template, how great! Not only can you invite everyone from the push of a button, you can send a quick "not personalized" but at the very least a Thank You for coming note when the party is over.

The Kidsperience way...

In lieu of physical cards, especially since we are changing the was we are giving gifts with Kidsperience, I had an idea!

Your friends and family have sent you an amazing "Experience" Gift or Gifts of your choice, what a better way to thank everyone than to create a "Thank You" Video of your child truly enjoying their experience gift? It's easy, you are already taking pics and videos of your little one, and you can post it to social media and type in a little: "Thanks to ALL our friends and family via Kidsperience, Charlie is having the time of his life at Karate" or something along those lines!

Check out our great example! Charlie was gifted a MONTH of Karate lessons for his birthday in October. If he sticks with it he will be a blackbelt in 2027!!!

So, moral of the story-there is no right or wrong way to say Thank You but,

How cute would a thank you video be!!!

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